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Other Capabilities

Count on STMC to manage the entire manufacturing pipeline for all pre- and post-processes needed for your parts.

  • Medical Staples & Ligating Clips

    STMC has been producing staples and clips since 1978 and can easily say that the number is approaching 1 billion parts since then. STMC can load your magazines or cartridges with specific quantities of clips or staples using your shipping magazines or cartridges to enable you to auto feed your assembly line or receive clips and staples in cartridges ready to assemble or ship.

  • Cut-To-Length Wire Rods & Pins

    Utilizing our fourslide or CNC wire forming machines, we can produce cut-to-length wires and pins of straightened wire from coils to tolerances as tight as +/-.00025 for diameter and +/-.003 for length in lengths up to 8 feet or more.

  • Tools, Dies, CNC Milling, & Wire EDM

    STMC produces tools to your design or to our in-house designs to meet your specifications. Our tool room has the equipment to perform nearly all our tool making in-house. This allows us to retain better control of the quality and timing of our tool making services.

  • Sub-Assemblies

    STMC has produced sub-assemblies since our start in the early 1970s. Today many of the sub-assemblies are produced ready for our customers’ final assembly, including sub-assemblies for direct introduction into a cleanroom environment.

  • Mechanical Deburring / Polishing

    STMC has vibratory and centrifugal barrel deburring equipment for providing deburring, polishing, and burnishing of parts.

  • Parts Cleaning / Passivation

    STMC has newly installed a Branson automated multi-station ultrasonic wash, rinse and passivation line including a hot air drying station for processing ultraclean and passivated parts.

  • Vacuum Heat Treating

  • Sub-Contracting Services

    We currently sub-contract many post processes in order to provide our customers with a “finished” part so that you are free to focus on your core business instead of on routing parts to other suppliers. For current customers that need an approved supplier but do not have one with the capabilities needed, we can sub-contact your parts and/or processes and ensure they meet your quality and delivery requirements by routing them through our Quality Management System. Copies of our Quality Policy Manual are available to our customers upon request.

Do you have problem parts or need help with a design? We can help!

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