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Southington Tool & Mfg. Corp. has added new CNC wire forming equipment to its capabilities.

The new machine is a WAFIOS FMU 16 CNC Spring and wire forming machine capable of 24 axis of motions. This is twice the current machine capability. This machine is the 5th WAFIOS machine in our CNC wire forming department. A complete list of our CNC wire forming equipment is shown below.

The machine is designed for manufacturing torsion, extension and extended loop springs. But, for general wire forming it is much more versatile. With its seemingly unlimited CNC controls, linear slides and rotary spinners mounted with standard or custom tooling, we at STMC can produce a wide variety of 3 dimensional parts. We have even added wire end machining for deburring or producing a ball end on parts.

WAFIOS Machine

All of the WAFIOS machines are equipped with integrated probe and laser position sensing capability to self-adjust for part variation, producing part dimensions in a much tighter process capability range. A digital sensing camera can also be added to allow for even more dimensional control.

We have very quickly made use of the additional axis capability finding many benefits to having the additional degrees of motion. It has allowed us to manufacture parts that would not be possible with the lesser axis equipment. We have moved parts previously run in one of the other machines and found that we can produce a better quality part at a greater speed.

Model No. of Axis Wire Size Range
1 – FMU 16 24 0.40 mm (.016 in.) - 1.6 mm (.062 in.)
1 – FMU 1 12 0.25 mm (.010 in.) - 1.6 mm (.062 in.)
2 – FTU 1.3 5 0.25 mm (.010 in.) - 1.6 mm (.062 in.)
1 – FTU 3.3 5 0.56 mm (.022 in.) - 3.0 mm (.120 in.)

All of the machines are equipped with wire straighteners and CNC controlled servo feeds.

We currently have plenty of capacity in our CNC wire forming department, so send us your part requirements and we will quickly show you what we can do.

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