STMC Continues to Grow

Over the past year we have added new equipment, new technologies and employees to meet our growing customer demand for quality precision parts and sub-assemblies. Now we announce the launch of our new website.

New Web Site Launched

  • To start our 47th year we have launched our new site. It provides a new focus for our core capabilities of power press stamping, fourslide stamping, CNC wire forming and our increased capabilities to provided sub-assemblies and assemblies.

New Equipment:

  • Keyence® IM-6125 Image Dimension Measuring System
    • We had purchased an IM-6500 about 4 years ago and due to the demand on this one machine we found the need to add a second one. The IM-6125 with is larger stage also gives us a greater part size measuring capability.
  • Okamoto Grind-X 12 x 24 Automatic Surface Grinder
    • This surface grinder replaced a smaller older machine so that we could increase our tool making capabilities for larger stamping dies, more efficient die making and tool maintenance. • Rebuilt #5 Minster 45 Ton Gap Frame Press Due to growth of power press stamping work we added the 45 ton press to increase our stamping capacity.
  • Madaula Spindle Speeder
    • This increases our Bridgeport CNC Machining Center Spindle Speed to 40,000 RPM to allow us to be more efficient with small cutter machining and to perform hard machining.
  • Third seat of SolidWorks added
    • One of the new hires at STMC is a tool designer. This person’s background will add to our power press stamping design capabilities and is the need for the additional seat of SolidWorks for tool design.
  • Branson Ultrasonics Corp. Custom Flex 2024 Ultrasonic Cleaning, Passivation, and Drying System
    • This state of the art system with its automated basket transport will greatly improve our cleaning capability, add passivation capacity, and increase our overall cleaning and passivation throughput.

New Manufacturing Technologies:

  • We made a significant cost improvement savings for a customer for the sub-assemblies we produce for them by combining operations through the use of computer controlled servo driven tooling.

New Employees:

  • STMC increased its full time employees in the last 12 months with four new positions for a total of 41 associates as of May 1st 2017.

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