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Power Press Stamping

Progressive Metal Stamping & Secondary Stamping

STMC houses a variety of metal stamping power presses with capabilities from 2 to 100 tons to run both progressive dies and secondary stamping dies to meet your complex geometries.

Progressive dies are ideal for high-volume production. They offer faster setup times and provide more consistent output than hand-fed operations. They are suitable for a variety of materials, in thicknesses up to .156”.

When all part features cannot be completed in a progressive die, STMC will utilize secondary stamping and other secondary processes to provide finished parts to your specifications.

Power Press Stamping Capabilities

  • Press capacity 2 tons to 100 tons
  • Secondary/value add operations
  • Sub assembly/testing
  • Stamping materials from .003” to .156”
  • Medical device component stamping
  • Progressive die stamping
  • Special packaging
  • Cleaning, passivation, annealing
  • Most post processing
  • Full design and process/product development
  • Full tooling design, build and maintenance
  • Prototype to production

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