Power Press Setup & Operator

Job Duties:

  • Setup dies in power press machinery as directed by supervisor and qualify the product.
  • Submit parts to Quality Assurance for First Piece Inspection after each setup; get power press ready for production.
  • Use lifting devices per safety standards to load coils on press machinery, and operate presses as directed by supervisor.
  • When supervisor requests your help, provide operators with job familiarity and instructions for safe setup and safe operation of presses. Provide operators with all supplies needed to run their jobs.
  • Inspect parts as per blueprint specifications, and complete inspection/traveler paperwork.
  • Report all problems with setups, production or otherwise directly to your supervisor.
  • Maintain a clean and safe environment in the Power Press Department. (Sweep floors, clean workbench tops, etc.)
  • Assemble and unassemble die sets under toolmaker supervision
  • Always looking for improvements for the department and your job and bring to your supervisor attention for approval and implementation.
  • Maintain tooling with light sharpenings as directed by supervisor.
  • Perform maintenance on department equipment

Essential Requirements to Do This Job

  • Must be able to read blueprints. Must be able to use measuring devices such as optical comparators, micrometers, calipers. etc.
  • Must have ability to setup power press and related machinery in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Must have 5+ years experience in power press setup environment.
  • Position requires walking, pulling, pushing and lifting up to 70 lbs., and standing for long periods of time.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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