Shipping & Receiving Associate

Essential Duties And Responsibilities

Employees must perform these essential duties and responsibilities under supervision until it has been verified that they have the ability to work independently.

  • Check incoming deliveries in Epicor to ensure shipments are not early. Send emails about the delivery or if applicable deliver items to the appropriate departments.
  • Pack parts to be shipped according to customer requirements.
  • Pack parts which will be placed in stock.  All stock will contain a copy of the original Job Traveler and certifications. Appropriate color coded label should be filled out properly.
  • Fulfill departments request for materials or supplies.
  • Weigh and re-stock material.
  • Organize and prepare for scrap material pickup, including but not limited to, filling out packing slips, weighing material, identifying material, etc.
  • Keep the shipping & receiving area clean and in an organized manner daily, especially before going home each night and as needed throughout the day (sweep the floor, clean all countertops and desk, clean all equipment such as the telephone, scales, etc.)
  • Deliver incoming packages to proper recipients daily.
  • Receive all incoming items in Vista.
  • Perform duties and follow instructions as assigned by the Shipping Coordinator.

Assist Shipper/Receiver with the following:

  • Prepare shipping documents such as packing slips, certifications, bills of ladings, export document, etc.
  • Arrange for pickups as needed such as FedEx, UPS, messenger services, subcontractors, etc.
  • Register export shipments with US Customs through the ACE website.
  • Generate requisitions for shipping supplies, such as corrugated, chip boxes, kraft paper, polybags, V.C.I. paper, packing slip envelopes, packing tapes, etc.
  • Assist with inventory of finished goods.

Essential Requirements To Do This Job

  • Employee should have experience in shipping, receiving, packaging and basic computer skills.
  • Employee should be able to work independently and possess reliable work habits.
  • Good attendance and punctuality are required.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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